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Android Bulk SMS Sender: Sends SMS to multiple phone numbers from PC via Android Phones. For  1 year

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Main Features

  • uses Android phones to send SMS messages to several phone numbers from a PC.
  • To connect an Android phone, the “SMS Sender Modem Pro App” is needed.
  • All Android mobile devices are compatible; an internet connection is required.
  • Android 6 or Above.

Android Bulk SMS Sender makes bulk messaging easier by allowing several SMS messages to be sent from different Android phones on one platform. It makes it possible to send hundreds of SMS messages using linked Android smartphones via a PC. Users need to install the ‘SMS Sender Modem Pro’ App on their phones in order to connect to Android Bulk SMS Sender. Contacts may be manually entered or imported from computer files (like Excel or text files). With the ability to add country codes as prefixes, the program enables limitless SMS messaging to an unlimited number of recipients, including international lines.

With the help of customization choices provided by this adaptable tool, users may add names and cell numbers to SMS messages to make them more unique. When sending SMS, users can designate particular mobile phones that are linked to the PC. Additionally, Android Bulk SMS Sender includes features like SMS delivery delays.

Android Bulk SMS Sender is a sophisticated marketing tool that makes it easier to distribute links and promotional messages. It makes it possible to add contact names to messages, making them more individualized and enhancing communication. It also keeps a log file with the numbers, related messages, and timestamps of all sent and unsuccessful SMS.

Important note: The Android phone must have the “SMS Sender Modem Pro App” installed.


1 Year, Lifetime


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