Top 10 Best Marketing Automation Software in Bangladesh

Digivate IT is proud to present our list of the top 10 automation software solutions designed to streamline your workflow and boost your business efficiency in Bangladesh. These tools cater to various marketing needs, social media management, and essential business operations.

WhatsApp Marketing: WaSender

1. WhatsApp Marketing: WaSender

WASender appears to be a software program or tool designed to assist with sending messages on WhatsApp, potentially offering features for mass messaging and automation.

Email Marketing: LetsExtract

2. Email Marketing: LetsExtract

LetsExtract Email Studio is a software program designed to help you find and extract email addresses from a variety of online sources, including:

  • Search engines
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Others Source
Social Phone Extractor Premium

3. Social Phone Extractor Premium

Social Phone extractor software is a tool designed to automatically identify and extract Phone number from social media platforms & Search engines

Instagram Marketing: InstaBot Pro

4. Instagram Marketing: InstaBot Pro

Unlimited Automatic Following and Unfollowing. Unlimited Automatic Likes and Remarks by User or Hashtag. The complete Instagram bulk message sender. Take in an unlimited amount of users and followers

TikTok Marketing: TikTok Bot

5. TikTok Marketing: TikTok Bot

With the use of software called TikTok Bot, you can automate tasks on TikTok to improve your exposure and engage with more people.

YouTube Marketing: TubeRank Jeet 5 Pro

6. YouTube Marketing: TubeRank Jeet 5 Pro

TubeRank Jeet 5 Pro PC Software is a program designed to help YouTubers optimize their videos for better ranking and visibility in search results.

Twitter Marketing: TwitBot Pro

7. Twitter Marketing: TwitBot Pro

With the use of software called TwitBot PRO, you can automate tasks on Twitter to improve your exposure and engage with more people.

Simple Invoice Software

8. Simple Invoice Software

Simple invoice – Easiest invoicing software on the market, designed for self-employed or small business owners.

Android Bulk SMS Sender

9. Android Bulk SMS Sender

Android Bulk SMS Sender: Sends SMS to multiple phone numbers from PC via Android Phones. 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

10.Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler software tool designed specifically for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. It is popular among SEOs because it helps them identify and fix technical SEO issues that can hinder a website’s ranking in search results.

Digivate IT: Your Automation Partner in Bangladesh

Digivate IT is committed to providing Bangladeshi businesses with the best automation software solutions. We offer expert advice, technical support, and training to ensure you get the most out of these powerful tools.

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